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Supreme Standard Education

Major Scientific Discoveries from the 18th Century happened by the UK Scientists like, Henry Cavendish, Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA. Alexander Fleming discovered the 20th century penicillin.


The Industrial revolution also lead by the British Engineers like, James Watt, George Stephenson, Richard Arkwright, Robert Stephenson, Richard Trevithick and Andrew Vivian. In 19th century the electric motor invented by Michael Faraday, the first computer designed by Charles Babbage. William Fothergill Cooke designed the first electric telegraph. World Class leaders are from British Institutions and can be found in the whole world, still now British Education is acknowledged as the highest position in the world and they are committed to keep it up in the future to continue with the sustainable development. British education system is formed to create more and more highly professionals with the current global changes. They even are thinking 100 years or more ahead of the other Developing or Unprivileged countries.