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About The United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom is formed with England, Scotland and Northern Ireland together and it is called ‘The United Kingdom or The U.K. or UK. It is an Island in the north Western Europe. The U.K. is under Constitutional Monarchy as unitary state. Queen Elizabeth is the monarch and head of the United Kingdom. At the same time she is the monarch of the commonwealth arena too.

The United Kingdom has Parliamentary Government and Mr Boris Johnson has been elected as the Prime Minister in December 2019. The Prime Minister is the head of the Government.


The United Kingdom is the second largest Economy in the Europe and number fifth in the world. ‘Starling Pound’ is the national currency of United Kingdom. The starling pound is the third largest reserved currency in the world since 1997. Alongside New York and Tokyo, London is also one of the three ‘Command Centres’ of the Global economy. The United Kingdom’s GDP is around 79%.

The UK is very serious about foreign relationships. They are the permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, a member of NATO, The G7 Finance Minister, The G20, The OECD, The WTO, The Council of Europe and the OSCE.

Since 17th century England and Scotland were the leading centres of the scientific revolution. Industrial revolution was lead by the UK from18th century, and continuously producing scientists and engineers with dignity. Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, James Clark Maxwell and more recently Stephen Hawking. In the present days, UK Universities gives more priority for scientific research and developments. Top levels of transport facilities are available in UK. Multicultural and a variety of different ethnicity from all over the world is available in the United Kingdom nowadays.

English is the official language in UK but one can find almost all the languages of the whole world. Though Christianity have dominated the UK for over 1400 years but Dramatically since late 20th century the growth of other faiths, specially increasing of Islamic practice identifies the UK as a multi-faith society.

The UK is experiencing successive waves of migration, mostly south Asian and African people are trying to be migrated to the UK after EU citizens. United Kingdom can be identified as cultural superpower of the glob. Literature, music, visual art, cinema, cuisine, media, philosophy, sports and symbols are highly practiced in the United Kingdom.